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Join the Cladding Craze

If your old cladding is looking a little worse for wear or you're considering adding a little modern flair to your home's aesthetic, our house cladding solutions are just the ticket. We can add new cladding or repair old cladding to shore up the appearance and functionality of your home.

The popularity of cladding is growing immensely as more and more Kiwis fall in love with its contemporary look, the ease with which it integrates with other materials, and its durability and low maintenance benefits.

If you're planning to renovate your current house or construct a new one, cladding can be a great choice to ensure the longevity of your home. Your home's exterior cladding is not only responsible for providing protection but also sets the tone for your home's overall design. So, it must not only perform well but also look exceptional. To learn more about the current cladding craze, get in touch with the team at Done Right Builders.
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Cladding Repairs

Worn-out cladding can dampen your home's charm, but our expert cladding repair solutions are tailored to revitalise your property. We don't just enhance aesthetics; we restore durability too.

When dealing with weathered exteriors or damaged panels, our comprehensive approach ensures a complete makeover. Picture a seamless blend of renewed appeal and strengthened protection. We address every detail, from design to material quality, offering solutions that breathe new life into your home's exterior. Say goodbye to worries and hello to a stunning, long-lasting transformation!

Transform and Revitalise Your Home with New Cladding

Experience the transformation that quality house cladding can bring to your home. Let our expertise and premium materials redefine your property's exterior. Join us in creating a lasting impression and unparalleled protection for your home.
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